Sustainability; what a scary word. It’s the kind of word people associate with inconvenient changes in order to help, “The Greater Good,” – an abstract concept at best. It’s the kind of word associated with overpriced items or hippie, “granola” ideas.

But what if it doesn’t have to be? What if it’s just happy people living happy lives?

To me, sustainability has uplifting connotations. When I think of sustainability, I see animals frolicking because they haven’t lost their homes to deforestation, and I see children eating watermelon because we haven’t ruined our top soil. This utopian society is aware of their actions and the impacts they have on society. Everyone is healthy, grateful, and joyful.

Unfortunately, we’re just not quite there.

We all know Humans are intrinsically self-absorbed. Back-in-the-day, this trait helped us survive, and I’m convinced it can still help us today. If you are having a bad morning or aren’t happy with where your life is going, it’s hard to care about other people and their problems. A person cannot be expected to help preserve a stranger’s tomorrow when it is taking every fiber of their being to get through the present. People need to improve and help themselves before they can help others. First, they need to be in a positive, happy mind-set; even if it is only for a few fleeting moments at a time.

This is where #ProjectWhimsy comes in.

Through my own self exploration, I realized it was the small, seemingly inconsequential things that made my day special.  There is a reason places like Disneyland and books like Harry Potter have done so well. It adds magic to people’s mundane lives. It allows people feel like a child again; gives people permission to dream with reckless abandon. Miracles can happen when a person finds their happy place, and big or small, they will pass these feelings on because they are far too glorious to be selfishly bottle-up.

In regards to #ProjectWhimsy, I want people to take this concept and run with it. Perform those random acts of kindness, plant flowers someplace unexpected, or paint your garden fence a fanciful color. I implore you to go out into your community and start putting faces to those “strangers” you are trying to help. Go put smiles on their faces and make them feel like they have experienced something magical. Learn to care about your neighbor, and make it your mission to fill their day with light and love. Life is too short to be serious. Life needs to be filled with a touch of whimsy.



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