Past, Present & Future of Miss Sustainability

Originally, this blog was created because I was getting fed-up at adult life. It would be nice to say my intentions were always noble; trying to change the world by starting a green crusade and so forth. Although this was definitely something I wanted to do, pure frustration is ultimately what made me hit the, “Create,” button.

At 23, I had finally graduated from Arizona State University with a Bachelor of Science in Sustainability. I already had an Associates in Fine Art from Scottsdale Community College, so I was feeling really good about my future. As I started looking for a job, I realized my degree wasn’t as in-demand as I originally believed. Yes, all these professions were trying to go green, but they still wanted their employees to have a degree in that specified field. A degree solely in Sustainability was too broad.

After three months of submitting applications and not even being called back for an interview, I was getting discouraged. On top of it all, my personal life was hanging on by a thread. One Saturday afternoon, I couldn’t stand the thought of job searching for one more minute. Within an hour I had a blog, Instagram account, Pinterest account, and Twitter account all revolving around Miss Sustainability.  If I couldn’t get a job anywhere else, then I was going to make one myself. Suck on that world! Fortunately and unfortunately, I had also sent out invites to every person I ever met, so moment of impulse aside, I had to do it.

It started out great, but if you look at the dates of my blog entries, I started to post less and less. Well…What have I been up to??

  • For several months I took an internship with a local environmental magazine called Green Living. That was probably the busiest three months of my life, but I learned a ridiculous amount. Was even privileged enough to attend all the events leading-up to Phoenix Fashion Week 2015. 
  • Eventually, I did get a grown-up job. Granted, it is with a financial firm, but the company itself is very Green. Even though making the office more sustainable isn’t part of my job description, I still do what I can including: E-Waste Drives, Blood Drives, and coordinating Corporate Responsibility Week. 
  • I got engaged to the man of my dreams! Each day has been better than the last. I never imagined myself being as happy as I am with him.img_4045
  • Travel, travel, travel! I went to Colorado, Iowa, and Sedona, Arizona for the first time, along with revisiting Las Vegas, Nevada, San Francisco, California, and San Diego, California. Each place was filled with food tasting, famers’ markets, and hiking.


  • Oh and I went to Costa Rica; no biggie.

Unfortunately, not everything has been positive. Over the last six months, my Crohn’s Disease has become progressively worse. For those who don’t know, Crohn’s is an autoimmune disease that attacks my digestive system. Right now, I am on the road to recovery, but it has definitely made things more difficult.

Normally, I don’t open about my Crohn’s because most people don’t know what it is or can’t relate. I don’t want people to feel bad for me or think I’m using it as an excuse. The reason I bring it up now is because my blog will be taking a more health conscious turn. I’ve been doing a lot to get my Crohn’s under control without the use of pharmaceuticals and through adopting an overall healthier lifestyle. This journey is something I would like to share with others. Everyone’s bodies are different, but I’m hoping it might also help someone else find relief. It might seem a bit off topic, but I believe being healthy has a place in sustainability.

Miss Sustainability is constantly evolving. Sometimes it is hard to still post as life gets in the way, but I want to share my experiences with everyone. We can all learn from each other. As you follow my sustainable journey, please let me know if there is anything you would like me to cover, and please share your experiences with me. My goal is for us to create our own informed, healthy, green community.


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