2015 Resolutions (Review)

At the beginning of 2015, I created a list of 10 resolutions, so I thought it would be fitting to see where I landed with them. The majority of them, I’d say were incomplete, but some did manage to take place. Four out of ten completed; not shameful at least.



2015 Resolutions (Review)

  1. Write more!Wrote some, but by no means enough!
  2. Read all eight books on Neil deGrasse Tyson’sEvery Intelligent Person on the Planet Should Read list. Nope, didn’t read a single one. Does this mean I’m not intelligent…
  3. How about, just read more!I read a total of two books! To be fair though, I started keeping-up with current affairs and reading articles. With that said, I feel good about checking this one off the list!
  4. Up-Cycle.  A big, fat nope.
  5. Start a happiness jar. I started my happiness jar, but quickly forgot to add to it regularly. Instead, starting in October, I kept a daily journal of what my fiancé did that made me happy and/or thankful. I did this for two months, and gave it to him for Christmas. He hasn’t had a chance to finish reading it yet, but so far, the results have made a positive impact on our relationship!
  6. Finish watching Cosmos. Close! I only have a couple episodes left. Although, since it has taken me so long, I feel like I need to start the whole thing over…
  7. Explore dietary options. I feel like this will always be an ongoing goal as new research emerges etc., but I did try a few things. First of all, I was able to replace my anti-inflammatory pharmaceutical pills with ginger and turmeric supplements. I also started drinking green smoothies in an attempt to get more “greens” into my diet.
  8. Go on more hikes. Still would like to hike more, but at least I hiked more last year than the year before!
  9. Investigate home remedies. Eh.
  10. Inspire. I’d like to think I accomplished this, but I don’t know for sure if I did. Even if I have, I think this is something to always strive for.

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